Shelves for household appliances

Do you need a reliable and reasonable alternative to the warranty service provided by the distributors of white goods? The solution to the problem already exists - we have specialized in the repair and maintenance of white goods for more than 20 years.

We enable our customers to rely on consistently high quality repairs and maintenance of household appliances.

We work with professional technicians who understand their work. We visit the client's home without the need for the device to be transported to the workshop.

You have problems with your machine, our masters will find the fault and eliminate the defect.

The machine does not pump - clear your filter - if the problem persists our specialists are at your disposal

- Prepare the appliance

If necessary, the defective part will be replaced:

- change of water pump

There is leakage from the rubber seals of the machine

- change of cuff

- changing the hose for dirty and clean water

- replacement of rubber gaskets

The machine does not open

- change of bimetal lock / lock

- change of handle / thumb

Your machine scraps something

- change of bearings

- engine repair

The machine shakes or "walks"

- replacement of shock absorbers

- change of springs

Everything that needs to be repaired in your machine can be done with us.

Calling technicians will diagnose your appliance to determine which parts are to be replaced and perform the repair work.
It is recommended to install original machine parts.
The convenience of working with professional service companies is that the machine is repaired locally and often requires only one machine visit.


We are a licensed service provider of the National Crafts Chamber of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our quality and honesty are guaranteed!