Repair of white goods

What good to know when choosing a new washing machine?

1. You have to decide what the machine will be, horizontal or vertical. This depends entirely on the free space you have left for the machine.

2. Always watch the manufacturer.

3. As little electronics as possible.

4. Always watch the water tank, it must be stainless steel (ie stainless steel).

Are we going to repair our old washing machine or buy a new one?

Think before discarding the machine that has not caused you problems for so many years, do a consultation with a master who will best answer you. We do not just work to come to you and get the money for your visit and diagnostics, and we want to we do not want to do the impossible, but if there is no problem to repair it, why not do it and let us all be happy ?

What is the reason for the regular defect of a device and the inability to fix the problem?

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