Important! What do we need to know when using electrical appliances?
Switch on!

The machine should not be installed in damp rooms!

In case of any leakage from the machine or when the hull is switched off (power strike), immediately stop using the appliance and seek technical advice immediately!

The machine should not be left unattended!

Do not try to solve a problem ourselves!

Important! What should we do before we call a master at home?
If there is no current in the machine, we must first check the socket (s) or the interrupter!

If the machine does not pump the water, we have to check if the filter is clogged (which is low down to the right-left)!

If everything is checked, we need to provide the craftsman with a place and convenient access to repair the appliance so as not to be obstructed at work!

The warranty period of the Service is 6 months (for home use) and starts running from the date of repair work.

When the machine is used for public purposes (hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, etc.), the warranty is 30 days, in which case we can prepare a subscription maintenance contract.

The warranty applies only to the repairs made during the warranty period, which are included in our warranty card and repaired by the customer!

The repair performed during the warranty does not cancel the warranty card!

In case of failure of the technique, which is not related to the warranty period, the customer pays a new price!

Visiting a specialist on customer request and lack of warranty defect, the customer pays the visit!

Warranty DOES NOT LEAVE for:

damage caused by dust, lime, grease, insects / insects / etc .;

attempt for repair by NON-AUTHORIZED by us technicians;

shocks or congestion resulting from negligence, non-standard sources of electricity or transport;

 damage caused by natural disasters / fires, floods, electric shocks, thunder, etc .;

 spare parts delivered by the customer have no guarantee from ILIAPI Service!

We do not take responsibility for damages caused by a device left to work without supervision or inadequate response from the customer!

The ignorance or inability to work with the appliance is not recognized as a warranty claim and we are not responsible in case of an accident in this case!

Failure to comply with the above conditions is incomplete and we are not liable!